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At least 2 hours prior to plane take off
Minimum of 30 minutes after plane lands
At least 2 hours prior to plane take off
Minimum of 30 minutes after plane lands
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About Inverness airport

Inverness Airport is located 13 km outside the city centre. Along with Aberdeen, it is one of the biggest cities in Northern Scotland and represents a gateway to the Scottish highlands and to the famous Loch Ness in which resides the famous Nessie.

Inverness Airport is quite small and mainly focusses on internal flights as it only offers a limited range of international flights (most of which are seasonal). The most popular destinations from this airport are Gatwick, Luton, Bristol and Manchester. However, it is interesting that British Airways are set to start operating are route to Heathrow from this airport in May 2016 which demonstrates that Inverness Airport represents an interesting commercial opportunity.

Built on top of a disused World War II RAF airfield, Inverness Airport primarily operated flights to London during its early years of existence. It is only since the emergence of low-cost flights that the destinations on offer at this airport have become more diverse.

There are 3 parking options to choose from at Inverness airport, all of which are located onsite. This means no transfer is required and travelers keep their car keys with them during their absence so they can leave their car there in all peace of mind. As we have done at all the car parks on offer on this website, we have sent our team of experts to inspect all the parking facilities at this airport in order to ensure that our customers’ vehicles would be in safe hands while they were on their travels.

If you are having trouble booking an airport car parking space, do not hesitate to contact our customer services department whose pleasure it will be to help you choose the car park which best suits your needs.

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