• Öffnungszeiten: 24 Hours / 7 Days
  • Geschätzte Transferzeit zum Flughafen: 7 minute walk
  • Bus-Frequenz: No need for transfers, car park is onsite
  • Entfernung zum Flughafen: Within the airport grounds
  • Behalten Sie während Ihrer Reise Ihre Autoschlüssel


Popular car park run by Liverpool Airport. You’ll see the entrance clearly signposted at the roundabout. Your car’s number plate will be recognised at the barrier and you’ll be given a ticket. The barrier will go up and you just have to find a space.

Find a safe spot for your ticket before you take the 7-minute walk to Departures. You will be parked just over the road from the terminal. Make sure you keep an eye out for the big, yellow submarine - you can see it from the car park - and once you’ve passed that, you’re almost there. 

Warum sollten Sie diesen Parkplatz buchen?

  • Super - Cheap version on onsite car parking at LPL airport
  • No transfers required - only a 7-minute walk to Departures
  • Self-Park -you park your own car and keep your keys with you!
  • Maximum security - ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition System), fencing and 24-hr patrols

Informationen für Menschen mit Behinderungen

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Weitere Informationen

Please take a copy of your confirmation email with you on your day of travel.

Bei Ankunft

Drive up to the barrier, and it will lift using the ANPR system. Please take a ticket on your way through the barriers as you''ll need it to exit the car park on your return.

Bei Rückkehr

You’ll need your ticket to get out of the barrier, but that’s all you need to do.

Adresse für Navigationssysteme

Liverpool airport,
Merseyside L24 1YD


Follow Speke Hall Avenue towards the airport. As you approach the terminal, take the right exit from the roundabout and you will find ipark clearly signposted.


Ihre Anreisezeit am Parkplatz; mindestens 2 Stunden vor Abflug
Ihre Abholzeit vom Flughafen; mindestens 30 Minuten nach Landung

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