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German Valet Parking - Meet & Greet - Uncovered - Cologne/Bonn

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  • Opening times: 24h / 7 days
  • Estimated journey time to airport: Drop off car at Airport
  • Your keys will stay with the car park whilst you are away.


Affordable, safe and stress-free parking at Köln/Bonn airport with this exclusive pick up and delivery service.
No waiting for a shuttle bus, as your car will be picked up from a member off staff directly at the airport terminal.
Your car is insured to up to 50,000 € through the insurance of the car park operator.
Your mileage will be noted by the driver and you will receive a carbon copy.
German Valet Parking also offers a variety of car care programs on demand, which you can add to your booking before your flight or when you return.
Your car will be safely parked in an underground car park while you are away.
Your keys will be safely stored in a safe.

Why Book This Parking Space?

  • Affordable and stress-free parking at Köln/Bonn Airport
  • Your car will be picked up directly at the airport
  • Your car is insured for up to 50,000€
  • You can add a car care service on demand
  • Your car will be parked safely in a fenced and CCTV monitored car park

Disabled Info

No transfers are needed, Meet & Greet will be an excellent alternative for disabled customers who would find it difficult to use transfer buses.
Your car is collected from the terminal when you leave, and brought back to you at the terminal on return.

Additional Info

Please print your booking confirmation and bring it with you on the day of arrival.

Car wash and car care services are available upon request for an additional fee.

On Arrival

Please call our service team about 30 minutes before you plan to arrive at your departure terminal and let them know what time you plan to arrive. A member of staff will meet you at Köln/Bonn Airport at the departure terminal. After a check of your vehicle, it will be photographed to document existing damages. You will receive an order acceptance letter and a vehicle inspection letter with your details that you provided us with in the booking process. On this letter you will find all the important information, including your service number etc. The member of staff will drive your car to the car park near the airport, where your car will parked safely upon your return. Your car keys will be kept safely in a safe and cannot be lost or stolen.

On Return

After you have landed at Köln/Bonn Airport and reclaimed your luggage, please call the service hotline. A member of staff will wait for you at the arrival terminal with your car. Please show the staff the acceptance letter and vehicle inspection letter which you received upon arrival.

Sat Nav Info

GPS Coordinates: 50.870826, 7.140702

Address: Köln/Bonn Airport
51147 Köln


Köln/Bonn Airport is well connected to the road network and is right next to the motorway A59. Just take the “Flughafen“ exit, and you are directly at the terminals. Once you’re there, it’s only a short walk to the Terminal, the check-in and then to the gate. It’s an Airport where everything is close at hand.


At least 2 hours prior to plane take off
Minimum of 30 minutes after plane lands

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