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At least 2 hours prior to plane take off
Minimum of 30 minutes after plane lands
At least 2 hours prior to plane take off
Minimum of 30 minutes after plane lands
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About Seville airport

Seville is the capital and largest city in Andalusia in the south of Spain, an area famed for it's good weather, fantastic food and vibrant lifestyle, Seville will not disappoint on any of these counts. Seville is considered the artistic, cultural and financial capital of the south of Spain and locals are very proud of its status. According to a myth the city was founded 3000 years ago by the Greek god Hercules and the city is steeped in history. As you wonder through it you can take in Roman ruins, Moorish mosques and its colonial glory. With annual average temperatures of 25 degrees the city attracts visitors all year round.

Seville Airport, also known as San Pablo Airport, stands 10km north east of the city and provides for almost 4 million passengers each year. Almost eighty percent of air traffic deals with domestic flights but this airport, a base for Ryanair and Vueling, also has over 45 destinations in Europe and North Africa. The airport, as it currently stands, was built in 1991 with the design being based on the cities cultural roots. First, as you arrive at the airport, you pass through an orange grove, the fruit that characterises the area. Next the main building has been designed using the famous mosque and palace that are emblematic of the city.

In Seville we have some excellent parking options to provide a relaxed start to your trip. You can drive to the car park and leave your vehicle in one of the installations and take the 3 minute courtesy bus to the airport, or you can have a chauffeur meet you at the terminal to take your car for you. You have the option to have your car parked in both covered and uncovered parking, whichever suits your budget and your needs. All our services come with a complimentary car wash so your vehicle will be returned to you in pristine condition.

Please feel free to look at the our customer reviews of the car parks on offer in Seville. These reviews are monitored by our independent review monitoring service, Reevoo.

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