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At least 2 hours prior to plane take off
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At least 2 hours prior to plane take off
Minimum of 30 minutes after plane lands
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About Pescara airport

Pescara Airport is 4km from the city of Pescara on the Adriatic coast of Italy. A city known for being home to the largest cycle and pedestrian bridge in Italy, the Ponte Del Mare.

Pescara Airport mainly handles flights from low-cost airlines, although Alitalia via its partner Alitalia Cityliner have a presence at this airport. Some of the airlines which run flights from Pescara include: Air Vallée, Ryanair and Wizz Air. Some of the destination which can be reached from this airport are: Bergamo, Charleroi, Milan-Linate and Catania.

The origin of the existence of an airport in Pescara dates back to 1973 when an English historian living in the region organised for a British Caledonian BAC 111 to take off from Genoa to Pescara in order to test feasibility of an approach to Pescara. Therefore opening up the Abruzzo region up to tourism.

Due to good road links to the airport, many passengers choose to drive to Pescara Airport, that is why there are plenty of car parks on offer on the airport’s site. However, customers who want to compare the price of airport parking can book their parking on this website.

Looking4Parking provides its customers travelling from Pescara with a selection of Meet & Greet services. These services are all operated by Fly Park and are offer great value for money but also allow the customer to travel in comfort and style.

As a market leader in the parking comparison industry, Looking4Parking seeks to only provide the best car parks to its customers. That is why the car parks on offer at Pescara Airport have been inspected with a fine toothcomb in order to ensure the car park is not only secure but that it will also guarantee the best service to our customers.

If you have any queries regarding the car parks advertised at this airport, we recommend you contact our multilingual customer service team who will be able to help you out.

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